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RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol

Non-Restricted Use Bait Palatability along with Diphacinone, an anti-coagulant used in agriculture, make this dual purpose pelleted bait extremely effective. High acceptance is the result of incorporating natural ingredients into the pellet. This bait does have...
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RCO Omega Gopher Grain Bait

Non-Restricted Use This single feed strychnine grain bait for the control of pocket gophers is unsurpassed in commercial and contracting operations. It's available to the rancher and homeowner alike. The groated oat has numerous flavoring and agents incorporated onto...
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RCO Ground Squirrel Pelleted Bait

Non-Restricted Bait This anti-coagulant pellet is highly effective when used in or around squirrel infested areas. Labeling requires placement into bait station like devices. Control is typically achieved after 4-7 days after initial feeding occurs. 4 lb. & 20 lb....
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Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Bait

Restricted-Use Bait Avalon is a flavor coated .5% Strychnine bait for below ground treatment of Pocket Gophers. Grain coatings include licorice flavor-ants, anti-mold agents and flavor extenders for improved tunnel stability and feeding compatibility. Milo grain and...
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RCO Grain Bait Dispensers

Probe Gun 1/2 lb. reservoir (right) Contractor Unit 1 lb. reservoir (left) – The safe, quick and effective placement of grain baits below ground …

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The Verminator

Have a BIG Gopher Problem? Pull “The Verminator” behind your tractor for ease in application …

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Rodent Baits for Mole, Gopher, and Squirrel Problems

To meet the toughest demands, RCO Intl. Inc. continues to build field proven rodent control products for Industry, Agriculture as well as Ranch and Home.  Our Nationally available baits are lead by our Strychnine laced grain baits for Pocket Gophers. We have Non-Restricted and Restricted-Use strychnine end use baits available in many stores and specialty distributors across the US.  Current and past studies show RCO Baits rally passed the challengers in performance and cost.

At RCO, a family owned American business, we pride ourselves in making field rodent control our primary focus.  We do offer RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol Bait, a University tested bait with high control ratings.  It can be highly effective and is used by professionals as well homeowners.  Thank you for reviewing our highly effective line of Products.