• Non-Restricted Bait This anti-coagulant pellet is highly effective when used in or around squirrel infested areas. Labeling requires

    RCO Ground Squirrel Pelleted Bait
  • Restricted Use This product is designed as a primary or complimentary below ground treatment for Pocket Gophers. Rates

    RCO Patrol Burrow Builder Mole and Gopher Bait
  • Too many frustrated homeowners and resource managers will attest, that there has not been an effective mole bait

    Our Bait Halts Bad Bait Blues
  • Restricted-Use Bait Avalon is a flavor coated .5% Strychnine bait for below ground treatment of Pocket Gophers. Grain

    Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Bait
  • RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol

    Directions are easy to follow and product has prolonged shelf life as well as tunnel life. High results with less risk.

    Non-Restricted Use Bait Palatability along with Diphacinone, an anti-coagulant used in agriculture, make this dual purpose pelleted bait

    RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol
  • Livid American homeowners track underworld predator in lawns and pastures. Earthen mounds mark the territory of common nuisance

    The Mole Predator Leaves Obvious Trail
  • RCO Squirrel Patrol Pelleted Ag Bait Restricted Use (Applicator’s License Required) This bait’s high levels of control of

  • University Study: Mole Bait Effectiveness The Effectiveness of RCO Mole Bait University Study 4th Eastern Animal Damage Control

    Mole Bait University Study
  • General Overview Mole-ology Identification: This compact burrowing rodent is distinguished by naked pointed nose and large webbed forefeet

  • General Overview Gopher-ology Identification: This compact burrowing rodent is distinguished by blunt head, large upper and lower incisors,