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Livid American homeowners track underworld predator in lawns and pastures. Earthen mounds mark the territory of common nuisance pest. The Mole damages growing crops, turf, undermines walkways, creates hazards to livestock in fields.

The mole actively develops it’s hunting field by digging into the more friable soils that are rich in prey for this aggressive and methodical hunter. Conquest is necessary and carried out with clock like precision. These subterranean systems are excavated for nesting areas, for safety, and for gathering of live food supplies. The mole works on a three-shift day to build and maintain the tunnel system. Most activity will occur when the soils are highly workable and not too hot or cold weather-wise. Moles can fill old non-productive tunnels with soil excavated from new areas diggings and not reveal above ground mounding of earth. The conical earthen mounds and ridges are typical indicators the moles building activity. The negative cosmetic affect coupled with the tunnels long term existence can be a truly unwelcome experience. Undermining in pastures, walks, and embankments are just some ways they provide problems for humans, pets, livestock, and wild- life. Vegetation can be damaged below ground by aerating around roots, and by direct feeding on plants by the mole. Moles are even linked to Lymes Disease because they act as a host for the tick as well as other ecto- parasites. Treating the tunnel systems for ticks after controlling the pest is not always remembered. The tunnel systems can act as an inviting harborage to reinvaders of moles or a myriad of other creatures, including mice. Traps, gases, and repellants also offer the landowner or manager ways to try to slow down the predator. University studies have revealed that RCO MOLE & GOPHER PATROL Bait can reduce and even eliminate the mole.

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