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The Verminator

The Verminator is a way to have certain gopher control covering a large area. We recommend using RCO Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Grain Bait with The Verminator.

The Verminator distributes approximately 2 to 3 lbs of RCO Avalon Mixed Grain Gopher Bait and other milo or milo-mixed bait per acre (calculated when spacing rows 20 to 25 feet between). It systematically delivers a small amount of bait every 3 feet.


Typically gophers travel through over 800 feet of underground tunnel per day, this increases the chances of encountering several bait piles and getting to eat along the way. This means you use only the bait you need, reducing wasted bait.

* We also have an optional sprocket for those that need bait to drop every 20 inches, available upon request. *

Burrow Builder Gopher Bait Application

NEW! The Junior Verminator Unit American Made
This tough-quality designed bait delivery system, is the smaller brother to the veteran Verminator burrow-builder unit. It was designed for smaller tractors and fits Category I and II quick hitches. These units are built to build better tunnels and place the bait in less than opportune conditions. Absolutely the Best Burrow Builder in its Class. Various types of grain and pelleted baits can flow through these units. Both extremely well built Verminators have rebuildable tips and great overall field operational life. They build good tunnels when others can’t. Always follow unit application directions to maximize results.

Verminator and Junior on white angled

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