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Non-Restricted Use

Bait Palatability along with Diphacinone, an anti-coagulant used in agriculture, make this dual purpose pelleted bait extremely effective. High acceptance is the result of incorporating natural ingredients into the pellet. This bait does have antidotal remedies in cases of accidental dog injestion. Talprid doesn’t. Directions are easy to follow and product has prolonged shelf life as well as tunnel life. High results with less risk.

Sizes: 16 oz./12 Cs.; 4 lb./4 Cs.; 25 lb. bag

RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol SDS

RCO Mole and Gopher Specimen Label

Espécimen etiqueta y las instrucciones en español

Mole University Study

General Mole-ology

The Verminator

Mole and Gopher Patrol 4 lb. Mole and Gopher Patrol 16oz.

Available in these States:

Alabama Maine Rhode Island
Arkansas Maryland Vermont
Florida Minnesota Virginia
Georgia Mississippi Washington
Idaho Missouri West Virginia
Illinois Nebraska Wisconsin
Indiana New Hampshire
Kansas New Jersey
Kentucky Oregon
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