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Too many frustrated homeowners and resource managers will attest, that there has not been an effective mole bait until they have found RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol. Consumer satisfaction substantiates. Studies run by Michigan State Univ. showing that RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol does control moles in a variety of soil types and conditions.

RCO reintroduced the term, “economical control”, to the battle of reducing and even stopping mole damage to our lawns and pastures. Mole Patrol has survived the rigors of many reviews and passed with flying colors. The basic components incorporated into the bait contribute to its high palatability and attractiveness, which is critical to this very discriminating eater. The mole is considered and insectivore but seeks out earthworms as its principle food source, typically consuming between 12-15 a day. This predator can and does cache large quantities of worms in it’s tunnel system vaults for consumption during periods of weather extremes and during the mating season. The over-harvesting of worms by the mole causes a detrimental affect on natural beneficial aspects proved by the earthworm to your soil. Also, damage done by the mole is generally considered cosmetic but deeper review will reveal; moles can act as passive reservoirs for ectoparasites like ticks (Lymes Disease), they will consume sections of the roots and other vegetative matter, they will aerate around plant roots in search of insects or worms, they create long-term tunnel systems that last for years, and they can create hazards for athletic areas, undermine pastures, other turf areas.

Treating of the moles with RCO baits has proven to be effective when the soil is not to wet and the introduction of the bait does not collapse the sometimes fragile tunnel system. RCO Mole and Gopher Patrol should be on your list when your in need of an effective tool to combat the Bad Bait Blues.

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