RCO Patrol Burrow Builder Mole and Gopher Bait

RCO Patrol Burrow Builder Mole and Gopher Bait

Restricted Use
This product is designed as a primary or complimentary below ground treatment for Pocket Gophers. Rates per acre are higher than acute poison baits because of the lethal dose needed to control the target pest. RCO Patrol pelleted bait has flavored (licorice +) attractants, same as those used on the strychnine coated grain baits to achieve elevated acceptance. Also, there is an absence of bait shyness when using an anti-coagulant bait, which accelerates bait uptake and control. The pelleted baits typically take approximately 4-7 days after initial feeding, to control a pest infestation.

This Restricted Use pellet can be purchased in these sizes; 10 lb., 30 lb., and 50 lb. containers.

RCO Patrol Burrow Builder Bait for Moles and Gophers SDS

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